Upgrade your living room with these TV stand ideas

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Looking for a way to update your living room without a major renovation? Feeling inspired by all of the latest summer updates that have been floating around. Why not invest in a good tv cabinet to give your home a chic makeover.

Deciding on what style to use is key to giving your home that updated glamorous look. You do not want the TV stand to be larger than your actual TV becasue it will overpower the room. You also do not want to mount your TV on the wall if it will be in an awkward place.

You do not need to look into this too much but remember comfort is key if you want to love your home. You also need to consider the style of your stand and make sure it matches with the style of the room. Here I have listed some styles and what room types they go best in to help you pick the right stand for your home makeover.


Great for those contemporary lovers! These stands are becoming more popular and will suite any modern styled home. Pair up with some wooden objects around the room and you will get a modern, glamorous and historically charming home. Get one with gold accents and you’ve instantly got yourself a glamorous chic living room.


If you want to make a bold statement, these types of stands are the best. You should make sure there is not a lot going on in the room already as it would make the space too loud. Perfect for those traditional, country homes that needs some glamour to bring the home to life, these will certainly make your home stand out and bring the look together.


This screams chic! There’s nothing better than a piece of white with a smooth surface to bring some modern glam into your home. Perfect for those glamorous styled homes. Add some golden decor ornaments and essential books/artwork to bring the look together. This will bring your whole room together and give you that fabulous statement you’re looking for.

Entertainment Centre

Perfect for smaller spaces as it provides a lot of storage space. Placing your  TV in an entertainment centre works well with family styled rooms so it doesn’t get in the way on the flow of the busy movement. If you don’t like your TV being on show investing in a entertainment centre with closed cabinets can be a great hiding technique.


This is all about comfort. Pleasant on the eye and provides an inviting, homey environment, having a floating TV with a console below can make the room a lot more comfortable when watching TV. It allows more surface space if you don’t want a coffee or any side tables and it positions the TV at a height that isn’t uncomfortable or straining. Make sure to pair it up with a comfy couch and your movie nights are ready to go.


If you love your fireplace and want this to remain the centre of attention in the room, having your TV above might be the way to go. Great in larger scale rooms, point your furniture towards them to accent them a lot more and this will make for a comforting and cosy environment.

What’s your style? Are you struggling in deciding what to do with your TV? Please tell me about it in the comments! 

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