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Top 6 cozy decor ideas to warm up your home

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The weather has dropped and the coats have surfaces. It has come the season we crave for a warm home, this year more than ever. The more we spend in our homes, the more we need to look after it and allow it look care for us back. Introducing some cozy decor elements into your home can really help make it a warm and comfortable space to spend the winter months. Take a look at some of the best trusted decor ideas for a cozy home.


This doesn’t have to be paint colours, but pillows, throws or a new accent chair. Brighten and warm your home with some rich colours. From browns, reds and purples to greens, oranges and mustard. Make sure they’re deep, rich colours so your home will feel warm when stepping in from the rain outside.


What’s the difference between a modern and a traditional fire place? Well traditional ones are usually placed in dark cozy rooms which is fine. But the modern style is becoming more popular these days with people shifting from the traditional coal fires, to the more modern electric styles. Decorating your fire space will create a center point to your home. Having a marble base will make your space as modern as possible with the electrical fire creating that warm and comfortable space that we all crave and love.


This can be as much and as little as you like. Add a touch of wood to create a warm contrast to your design. A coffee table, floating shelf or skirting board can go a long way in making a statement in your home.


Nothing speaks fall like a rustic accent piece. Is it even autumn without a bit of rust? Perfect for every room and style this creates another layer to your home that will instantly make a massive difference. If you’re not a fan, why not try the colour instead. A rich dark orange tone to your otherwise bright room can help make it pop.


My all time favourite! Layering your decor is the easiest way to get that cozy finish. From wallpaper to furniture, adding 2-3 textured elements to your home creates depth and interest, allowing you to feel right at home.


Put all these ideas together and your room will feel warm, full and complete with the layering technique we all love for the winter months. It can get quite cold even with your fire on, so having a blanket at hand is great and it make your home look so inviting and cozy.

There you have it! 6 Simply ways to create a cozy home this winter is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking about it sooner. No need for a full renovation, but a little touch up of the latest trends, colours and accessories is key to creating a lasting home that will be easy to refresh next spring. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would love to hear your ideas below.¬†

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