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Among the stresses of everyday life we tend to get into a routine of what we think is sorting out the most important jobs in our lives. However, at some point we realize we are neglecting the one thing that we should be prioritizing above everything else. Ourselves! Here i have created some self-care ideas that can be done at home, so we can still make time for ourselves even when we’re on a hectic schedule. After all, if we’re not happy with who we are, we won’t be happy with anything we do or have.

  1. Watch the runrise/sunset

Are you a morning person or a night owl? do you enjoy peace and time to yourself before your day or at the end of the day? Whatever type of person you are, try to include some quite time in your day, even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes. It calms your mind and allows you to reflect on what your plans are for the day or what you have accomplished since getting out of bed this morning. I like to make a cup of tea and sit in the garden before anyone in my house gets up to give myself some peace and quiet without being disturbed. It really benefits your mental health, calms your mind and improves your mood and vibe so others will notice how much happier and confident you seem in yourself.

2. Face masks/hair masks

Dry skin, straw-like hair and greasy faces are all linked with how you look after yourself. Dedicating at least 1 night a week to pampering yourself will not only make you feel better, but will make your skin and hair feel better too. With caring for yourself there will be a noticeable improvement to the way you value yourself as you get older. When it comes to face masks I would recommend using animal cruelty free products as the application is a lot smoother,the products are actually natural food for your hair and skin and you will feel a natural anti-age glow appear in a matter of weeks. I recommend using The Body Shop tub masks and the Loreal Paris clay masks. If you’re more on the dry side i would stick to The Body Shop ones as there are over 7 selections to choose from, targeting specific problem areas. The best one to date is their Himalayan Charcoal glow mask, but the Hemp and British Rose ones are also a great choice.

3. Exfoliate/deep clean

As well as the face masks and hair mask treatments, exfoliating your whole body once a week along with a full body moisture cleanse will automatically boost your mood. You will feel like you are looking after your body and will feel a boost in your mood and confidence. I like to dedicate my Sundays to partaking in my self care routine. It not only makes you feel better on Sunday evenings, but will start your Monday morning off on a high as well. When exfoliating your skin, the St Ives Scrub is great for targeting spot/acne prone skin, and a good exfoliating glove is great for you overall body as it scrubs away any dirty skin with a normal body wash and opens your pores. When you do this though, don’t forget to moisturize your skin otherwise it will get very itchy.

4. Nightcream

This is something i never tried until a few months ago. I would always use my morning moisturizer in the evenings as well. But, a lot of you-tubers, bloggers and websites have started to highly recommend using night creams as part of your daily self care routine so I thought i’d give it a go and the results were amazing. I put 1 layer on every evening and leave it on overnight and in the morning your skin feels like a baby’s bottom. I couldn’t get over how hydrated and soft my skin felt, being a dry skin type of girl I was over the moon. I would recommend using Nivea’s Anti-Aging night cream as it brightens your skin and leaves a youthful glow afterwards. The Aveeno night cream for a radiant glow is also a great choice.

5. Gardening

Now this isn’t something that needs to be done everyday and certainly not if the weather’s not up to much, but getting outside and spending some time in nature does absolute wonders for yourself. It’s not so much a self-care tip but more of a mental health tip. Don’t be afraid of getting down in the dirt and cleaning your garden and home. It calms your mind and creates a peaceful soul when you garden. Plus it allows you to be a little creative with how you want it to look. Do you love colour, or do you want to plant vegetables? Getting outside when you can and creating a lively garden is not only one of the best self-care hacks out there, but it improves your mentality too.

6. Spring Clean

Once your garden is spotless, bring your wisdom and creativity inside the house. Clean out your wardrobe, put up the shelves you’ve always wanted, but some indoor plants to get fresh air flowing inside the house as well as outside. Cleaning your house will make you incredibly organised and it feels much more cozy of a night time when you go to bed to a clean house. Spend some time in each room and think what needs to be improved to make your life flow more smoothly. Do you need more coat racks, a bowl to put your keys in, more storage in your bedroom so it doesn’t get as messy. It is important to first spend some time in nature and then clean the inside of your house. The last thing you want to do it bring in all the mess from the garden into a freshly cleaned home and undoing all the work you did earlier.

7. Baking

Now this one isn’t for everyone. I personally only do this on special occasions such as birthdays or celebrations. Home baking can be considered a massive self-care hack as it allows you to train yourself to make something from scratch and see it to the end. If its a rainy day, baking an apple pie for after dinner is fabulous, or baking some cookies or cupcakes for the latest bakery sale and school, work or community event. Doing this not only gives you some time to yourself to enjoy your own company whilst creating something, but allows you to connect to people who share this same passion and maybe make some friends along the way.


Read! Read! Read! I know you probably hear this a lot but getting into reading is sooooo good for looking after yourself. Learning is not boring, lame and only something that nerds do. Reading allows you to become whoever you want to become. It allows you to learn about topics that really interest you if its the environment, feminism, makeup, space or even cooking. Never let someone make you think that you are lame for reading. Never allow them to get into your head and control what you do with your life. It’s your life after all. Reading has allowed me to learn French, travel the world, begin a successful career and widened my knowledge of how the world works. If you have ever read a book and you found it incredibly boring, maybe you just didn’t find the topic all that interesting. There is more out there to read than romance novels.

9. Feet Massage before bed

Okay this might seem strange but a couple of months ago I went through a patch of really dry feet. I felt it the most in the evenings when in bed so i began to massage them before going to sleep. When i woke up the next morning it was like a had a new pair of feet. You don’t realize how much your feet go through in the day and not taking care of them will make you feel dry, tired and lazy. It calms me down and helps me settle down and get in the mood for sleep when I do this. I have turned this into a ritual and you should start doing the same. The Intensive Care lotion by Vaseline is perfect for this, or you could try some of The Body Shop body lotion if you want a thicker coverage.

10. Meditate.

Morning or evening! At home or on your lunch break! Please do make time for this. You don’t need a subscription to anything or a fancy workout space. Just sit somewhere comfortable with as little noise as you can find, close your eyes and clear you mind. The trick to this is to live in the present and focus on the sounds around you. The difficult part is stopping your mind from wandering, which will always happen in the beginning, but the more you do it the more you concentrate on the present, the more prepared you will be for the day ahead. The sleepa app is great to help you get started. You just select your top sounds, put on some themed music and begin. And it’s free x

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this blog. I hope I have inspired a few of you to begin taking self-care rituals more and create a more calming and peaceful life. Just remember you are the driver, do not let anyone else dictate how you live your life and certainly do not put other people’s needs before you own.

Look after yourself and you will have as much success and happiness as you desire.

Until net time!

Rach xo

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