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The Ultimate Guide to English Country Home Styling

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Does your home look staged and uncomfortable? Does it have a beautiful contemporary look but when it comes to spending time there it makes you feel uncomfortable and edgy? The one thing a home is meant for is to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and a place where you can be yourself and your personality shines through. Then English Country style is a great way to add comfort into your home. It prides itself on its warm, inviting environment that has a beautifully elegant relationship with nature and is both comfortable and functional. If you’re looking for a home that is warm, comfortable, loving and family orientated keep on reading and you might find some inspiration to add some charm into your home that will feel loving and lived in.


Weather it’s Georgian or Victorian, heritage or modern, make your home entrance something that will instantly give off a loving and comfortable feel as soon as you walk through the door.

Golden accessories, rustic console tables and a single chair for a added comfort when taking off your shoes creating an elegant and functional entance.

Make a statement with Victorian styled flooring, a runner rug up the stairs and a gallery wall showing off your favourite art pieces.


Period furniture can instantly add a touch of charm and love into your home. The most popular pieces seen in typical English home are Queen Anne, Chesterfield, English Roll Arm and Victorinl styled pieces. Swap your large corner suite for traditional furniture and layer with pillows and blankets for that cozy vibe that you’ll just want to jump on.


There’s nothing that excites an English family more than books. The cold weather, the cancelled evening plans and countryside lifestyle it is no wonder we love our books so much. They are so pretty to place in your home, there should be a least one area for your books in every room (yes, even the bathroom). There are so many different ways to style them, my favourite being on your coffee table and in a reading nook, but the choices are endless. This can really help the colour of your colour scheme come alive and will instantly allow your personality to shine into the room and create that lived in vibe.


You will most often see an English home surrounded by a large flaming fireplace with a beautiful mirror and painting above on the wall. This is mainly because we need to keep warm in England with the amount of cold weather we get. But it also gives an instant cozy feel to our homes. Make your fireplace the center of your space and have your furniture pointing towards it. This will create a more family friendly home and will help you relax so much easier.


An English country style typically includes colours experienced from the outdoors. Being in the country having big open windows allows the natural colours to become part of the colour scheme.

Layer your quilts for a comfortable, inviting appeal and add a material lamp shade for that typical English charm.

Florals are essential in your decor so try mixing them with some dark wood for a timeless design. This framed floral wallpaper and dark gloss coated table creates a heritage look, paired with a modern lamp and studded bed frame creates a perfect balance between vintage and modern.

For neutral coloured rooms, add a dramatic canopy for more interest/


No English home is complete without some form of a mudroom. This is a purely functional storage room for all your thermal coats, wellies, bikes and gardening kit. This will help organise your lifestyle and help keep the mud and dirt out of the house and will help keep all your collectibles safe from the rainy weather.


Play around with your colours in there rooms as they’re not a high traffic room. The English style is all about bringing in outdoor colours to reflect your garden areas. The majority of your rooms will appear muted but adding an elements of surprise in 1-2 rooms will create a good colour balance and comfort in your home.

Dark wood is your best friend. It does with every colour and gives off a beautifully elegant finish when adding in some floral accessoried.

Think outside the box and play around with nature. Adding a graphic scene wallpaper will leave your feeling suprised and excited.


Kitchens are one of my favourite parts to decorate. Mainly stick to neutral neo-classical elements and bring in interest and beauty through your accents and detailed pieces.

Add golden vintage handles for that wow factor. This brightens up your space and leaves your decor to tell the story of your home.

The English love their china. With the royal family and their love of tradition and elegance, open shelving cabinets is no surprise in an English home. A perfect way to show off your china collection and brings an added colour into the room. Create some drama and interest through your china and you will feel comfortable and classy in your beautifully English home.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I just love the English country look. The heritage and modern comforts blended together creates a beautifully timeless design that will leave your home feeling fabulous and lived in. So what’s your favourite style in the English range?¬† have a soft spot for material lamp shades. They just add so much texture and interest into a room in an effortless way. Start a conversation with me below, i’d love to hear from you.

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