The top cities to visit by train in Western Europe

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I know this is probably the last thing you want to be looking at as it probably make you feel depressed and anxious as we are all stuck at home during this pandemic. But being stuck at home just makes me want to go travelling again and I can’t wait for everything to open safely so I can continue my travels and see more of the world. A few years ago I had the pleasure of taking a solo trip around Western Europe and it was one of the best, slightly scariest decisions I have ever made but only look back with gratitude and pride. I have created a blog of everywhere I went and why they are the best places to visit, solo or with friends/family.

  1. Paris

Surprise, Surprise I went to Paris. Being from England, it’s the closest place to me that isn’t Wales or Scotland. Trip is complete without a journey to our vintage, n=baguette and wine tasting neighbors. I had been to France many times before this, but had never visited and spent time in it’s most loved capital. The cute cafes, impressive monuments, boutique shops and picturesque parks made this one of my favorite places to go. I would just warm you that if you were to go alone, stay directly in the city center and stay close to a metro station so that if you do get lost, there’s an easy way to get back to your bearings.

2. Brussels

Now this was mainly a stop off for me but ended up being one of my favorite places. This small city center is great for those who want the travel experience but do not want to deal with the hassle of the crowds. The Diagon Alley looking streets and as much Belgium chocolate as you can want made this one of the best cities for me. If you’re a history lover like myself the Brussels museum is a great place to learn about the city and offers some great places for some Instagram worthy photos of the main square. I wouldn’t recommend spending anymore than a few days here though as it is quite small but the train station is very close to the center with other great cities only a small journey away.

3. Munich

On a girls weekend away and ready to party! This is a fabulous place for pub crawls and street fairs. With the English Gardens and Historical sites to see during the day, the cheap booze, friendly hotels and lively bar scenes is definitely a sight to explore.

4. Vienna

Class, elegance and royalty all come to mind in this great city. I only wish I had more time here and am definitely going to return. The royal palace, beautiful gardens and horse racing shows bring life and leisure to this city. Rich in history and clearly proud of their place in the world Vienna was a delight and I can’t wait to return and try some more of their famous hot dogs.

5. Prague

Now this place is so lovely and so easy to get around it’s unreal. With lovely architecture so spend hours walking around and observing it’ll definitely be a highlight of your trip. With hundreds of dark alleyways made from Jack the Ripper stories but hidden with the best, most lively and cheap pubs and clubs to can think of it’s a lovely place to visit and a great place to a good old fashioned pub crawls with the girls or guys.

6. Budapest

Beer Garends galore! If you want an excuse to have a smashed weekend this is the place to go. Although the currency takes some time to get used to, it’s worth the trip. It’s also got lovely views of the riverfront and a visit to the Parliament building and Holocaust memorial opposite, it’ll stick with you a while. Head over the famous lion-head bridge and walk on up to the religious little town for a coffee and photo sesh! Also, don’t forget to hire a bicycle and head over to Margaret Island. It’s beautifully peaceful and now has come restaurants on to grab a classical bite and taking in some views of the panoramic city. It’s definitely a lovely place and a very safe environment to visit.

7. Berlin

Definitely not what I was expecting at all! This place was by far my favorite of the whole trip and I an definitely going to be returning. Hundreds of museums for those History lovers and underground pubs and clubs for those night owls. This place gets better every time you will go. The history of the city just flows through so elegantly, with the Berlin wall still holding it’s place, a free photography museum where they own up to the mistakes of the SS throughout WWII, and Checkpoint Charlie that’s always a great spot right in the center of the town! The shopping center’s a cannot miss as well, with beautiful fountains and parks to explore the Holocaust Museum and the Old Parliament building. It really is a must when visiting Germany.

8. Amsterdam

An obvious chose for almost everyone out there. This was the last stop on my travels and one of the most adventurous cities. I do admit that I got lost quite a few times here as there is no clear center to the city, but little drags of mini centers spread around the place. I do recommend hiring a bike not only for those river photos, but to get around easily as well. It was a great way to finish the journey and not too far away from home that i had to dread the journey back. Although I did cause I new I had to go back to work at some point.

I hope you enjoyed my travel itinerary and will be posting more on here soon when allowed to travel again. Hopefully with no 14 day quarantine attached to it.

Until next time

Rach xo

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