The Perfect Gift ideas for Fathers’ Day!

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Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your father figure this fathers’ day? I know the struggle of buying for men too much, living with a brother and father who don’t talk much and just buy what they want for themselves. Every year me and my mum shop the world trying to find something my dad and granddad might like, and every year we end up coming back with a card and a bottle of wine. 

Here are some ideas that might interest the man in your life and hopefully bring him some joy this fathers’ day. You might have to apologize to the neighbors in advance though 🙂

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So what’s your plan? Do you have any ideas what to get the man in your life for fathers’ day. I think i might go for the record player for my dad as he has a ton of records in his shed that he loves but never listens to. 

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