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Refresh for Less: Ideas to touch of blush to your bedroom

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Are you looking for some easy ways to refresh your home? Are you looking for a soft touch to your home? Dou you find yourself decorating with neutral colours a lot and then get bored after a few months. I always go for the greys and browns in my home because they’re easily done and look great when complete. Sometimes a small change can go a long way.

Did you know blush is the best colour combo to add to your home?

  • It warms up your space
  • It provides an additional layer to the room
  • It creates more texture
  • It makes you feel calm and relaxed

Why do you think it’s such a popular colour lately?

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of the colour pink, adding just a small amount can really create a cosy environment for a comfortable setting.

Here are some Budget friendly ideas to introduce a touch of blush into your home décor for that summery fresh style that we all need right now to feel good and comfortable.


Instantly add some colour into your space with some flowers. Artificial or real they will give off instant good feels to your home. They will create the ultimate summery upgrade. If you’re looking for a statement piece this is a great idea. Change it up with a contrasting vase to add glamour. O purchase a gold accessory to go alongside. Place this on your coffee table, kitchen table or in the hallway for maximum effect.


A truly comforting bedroom is hard to create. There is so much to consider whilst it being a productive space at the same time. My top tip here to bring some soft blush to the space is to get a knock out headboard that can really make your room pop. The sweet pop of colour will light up your room and transform it into a heavenly sanctuary you’ll never want to leave. This screams summer.

Go Bold with your décor

Are you a pink lover? What about gold? What about the two together? Have I just blown your mind? This is so simple but soooooo powerful you’ll instantly start shopping around for the best pink lampshade. Why not try placing a lamp, flowers and artwork with pink and gold highlights next to each other. Perfect in small spaces, this will brighten up your home and give it a true summery vibe.

Throw Pillows

Cheap and cheerful. Simple and sophisticated. Easy and elegant. Adding just 1-2 blush tones throw pillows can help refresh your home in such a simple way. Why not add a animal print pillow as well? Or even a blush leopard print to create that cosy vibe you’re after.


If you have a neglected area of your home you are looking to brighten up and bring more attention to adding some wallpaper here is a great way to bring some texture and interest into this space. Small bathrooms are great or even the inside of your coat closet. A small area is always the best way to decorate in a bold and unusual way to really brighten up your home and invite summer into your lives so you feel good no matter what the weather is like outside.


Remember how I said blush and gold go well together?

One of the sneakiest ways to introduce a summery blush into your home is through your dinner wear. Get yourself some blush dinner sets and gold cutlery and every meal time is bound to boost your mood for summer. Mixing with bright spaces and colours of your home this will truly transform your home and have even the coldest room feeling warm and inviting.


So what’s your favourite way to being a touch of blush into your home? Try 2-3 different types from this list to get an elegant, well balanced home that everyone will love to be a part of and spend time in. Let me know below what you think and how your ideas turned out 🙂

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