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John Derian’s Enchanting New York City Apartment

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Looking to add some charm to your home? Does your home look too staged and wanting to bring some warmth and comfort in? Found over on Architectural Digest, artist, author and shop owner John Derian’s home is so beautifully rich it boasts antique finds, one of a kind style and plenty of historic influence. His wonderland of historic beauty can be found in his New York City apartment, around the corner from one of his antique stores and is a perfect balance historic and magical decorations it makes you feel like you have taken a step back in time but with the comforts of modern living.

A bright, airy living room full of plenty of seating, bohemian patterns and materials and a striking decayed overhanging flower brings the wonders of the outside world into this space.

A reflection into the living room from the beautiful antique mirror that occupies the far wall reveals a beautifully historic reading corner. The round Swedish table and layered eclectic colours and patterns makes this space look romantic and cozy.

His Scandinavian references seem very inclusive throughout his design, especially with his choice of paint colours and finishes on this far wall next to the dining area.

Rustic accents and simple pattern choices are his staple here. Creating a simple. laid back home.

Having a spacious kitchen, his Scandinavian taste is once again noticed and his love for floral decoration is a great final touch.

Opposite from the Kitchen is a welcoming sitting area so he can entertain in the company of friends and family while making the evening dinner.

A beautiful Chippendale Sofa, vintage bohemian styled cushions, antique furniture and more florals being this look together and allow this space to become charming and stylish.

Taking a change of colur and mood in his bedroom, dark colours make this space beautifully presented and decorating with his most favourite art pieces allow his personality to style to show here.

His impressive artwork collection shows he is full of rich history and personality and the best way to really bring himself alive and feel right at home is to include a collective amounts of pieces he owns throughout his design. This beautiful home of his really allows a charming timeless design to be brought to life. With influences on the outside world and historic pieces, you are really stepping into history when you enter this New York City apartment. A peaceful and elegant solitude with snippets into the life of John Derian you allow yourself to see not only his personality but your when you view this dreamy apartment.

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