I dare you to work on yourself for 6 months – 10 Goals to set yourself for 2021

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2020’s days are finally over and I think i can speak for everyone when i say ‘thank goodness for that’. The few days in between Christmas and new year are when people generally start to reflect on the past year. The pro’s and the con’s. The good thing is that this year has brought so many communities together and re-introduced the true meaning of family and friendship throughout the would. What is the saying ‘true friendship is found even in your darkest days’? Something like that anyway.

So let’s stop looking at 2020 as a negative year and focus on all the great things that happened. And now let’s look a head towards 2021 with a possitive, somewhat causious view on what can be achieved next year. I came across this beautiful motivational video the other night when binge watching the crown and comfort eating a little too much chocolate that left me with my head down the loo all night. 

‘ I Dare you to work on yourself for the next 6 months’

Now you might think, that’s a loooong time. But it’s not really when you think about it. It’s do-able and with a 3rd full blown lockdown heading our way it makes it so much easier to attempt with all this extra time we will be getting. So here is my suggestion. Just Do It.

Below I have listed 10 things I am going to start doing everyday (most days) for the next 6 months starting in the new year (except Jan 1 as will be having a few cocktails to celebrate becoming 26 and still not yet succeeding at life). 

I will call this the 6 month challenge (classy) and will keep you guys updated with how my progress is going. So, why not join me and we can help each other out.

As promised here we go x

1. Start Excersizing Regularly

At the beginning of 2020 my goal was to reach 8st by December 2020. I’ve lost 1 but still have quite a way to go. Didn’t really pan out with working from home, no social interaction and an increasing amount of time spent with my parents has definitely brought my anxiety out a lot more, so i’ve kind of pushed that aside for this year. But no more excuses actions are needed to be prioritized. 2-3 times a week is a great goal to start with. Don’t aim too high cause you want to be able to beat yourself at your own targets.

2. Stop Weekend Binge Drinking

This is such an important one because it can decide how your life is gong to work out for you. If you stop this, you will loose wait, have more time, get more done and enjoy yourself a little more. I know the temptation is there but as they say ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Throw It Away! If you can’t bring yourself too, just lock them in a cabinet and don’t go there. Get out of the house if you really need to. Just do this for you and keep that image of your dream life in your head and you’ll make it through.

3. Focus on what really matters to you

Always wanted to start your own business? Or just want to change careers? Or maybe just start meditating? Whatever it is, prioritize it. Work at it every day. Turn it into a habit. Don’t do it to see instant gain, but do it to see annual success. Make a daily journal and set yourself daily, monthly and annual goals in order to get what really matters to you. For me it’s definitely put down a deposit on my own flat and get my interior design business started. Plan every day what you want to do and go and do it. You’ll just kick yourself if you don’t.

4. Find a Hooby

This one might have to wait until lock down has ended but definitely get this in the back of your mind ready to take action. Don’t you just hate it when people ask you ‘so what do you do for fun?’ and all you can think of is read or go to the cinema. Well here is a chance to actually have something more interesting to talk about. It get’s you out of the house, meeting like minded people and connecting with people in your community you didn’t even know existed. This will help make you an all round better person and definitely help drive you to become even more successful with your life.

5. Take a look at yourself

Do you love your hair? Fashion sense? Is your hygiene all good? I know I’ve lost a few pounds this year but haven’t gotten around to buying smaller clothes yet so have been walking around with a saggy bum since August. The way you look is important to how you feel. Invest in yourself is probably the best advise I’ve ever been given and i can’t share it enough. It is so important that you like who you are, especially if you want others to like you. It doesn’t just happen, people have to work at this stuff to become successful.

6. Get yourself a morning routine

Stop getting up at 8:55 am and rushing downstairs to turn your laptop on ready for work for 9:00 am. It’s not good for you or your body. Try setting your alarm a little earlier and give yourself some mee-time before the day begins. You should always take some time to work on yourself before heading off to work for someone else. It doesn’t have to be much. A simple stretch, cup of tea, walk the dog and have a shower is a great start.

7. Start Journalling

Journalling helps give us confidence in ourselves and reassures us that we are actual people who have their own thoughts and admiration’s. This can sometimes be forgotten in a fast pace corporate firm who constantly like to remind us that we are easily replaceable. Writing down your thoughts of the day is a great stress reliever and it keeps us in check with how we feel, what success we are making and what we can improve on tomorrow.

8. Challenge yourself

Your education should never end when you graduate college. You should always be learning. It helps your motivation and makes you a knockout of a person to be around. Take a class (maybe online) that you never thought you would do and enjoy the journey. Even if you find it is something that doesn’t interest you, at least you can say you’ve done it and will have a great story to tell. Learn a new language, learn how to ballroom dance or a lamp shade making class. The choices are endless. This allows you to connect with other people and maybe even make some friends along the way. You might surprise yourself.

9. Visit somewhere you've never been

This doesn’t mean go halfway across the globe and go visit the shire in New Zealand. This could be on your doorstep. Or down the road. You know that place you’ve always wanted to visit but never had the chance to. Ireland maybe? Snowdon? Chester? Take a think or even purchase a book on some of the best walks in England (or your country if you’re not English).

10. Have Fun

None of this will make any sense if you don’t enjoy yourself. The best part is not about the winning, but the journey, the little details that brings us daily joy. That’s what makes us happy. Not the dream job and the beautiful car, but the daily successes and achievements that reassures us that we’re heading in the right direction and are loving every minute of it. If you come across something that you think, nah, i don’t like this. Just quit and do something you do like. You won’t be a failure, you’ll be brave for noticing you didn’t like it and chose your happiness over everything else.

I hop you guys enjoyed reading this, somewhat emotional speech of mine. I can’t wait to start this journey over the next 6 months and can’t wait for you all to start with me and share your wonderful stories.

Speak to you soon x

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