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How to style a bedside table

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Our bedrooms are an important part of our lifestyle and well being and the way we style this space can tell us a lot about ourselves, personalities and taste. The way we style our bedside tables is important to allow a functional and uplifting lifestyle. With these few simple tips you will soon be able to give your side table a makeover and life in a space that allows you to relax as well as feeling pampered and organized.

Define your space

The first thing you should know before beggining the styling process is the surface of the table and how large you want it to be. Your nightstand needs to reflect well with your bed so do not make this too large so that it overpowers the area. Also, you must make sure that the height of the stand it in line with the top of your mattress so that it is easy to make use of.


Get yourself a large glamorous lamp to give the space some great definition. It really helps bring the visual of the space alive and will bring warm light into the room. Invest in a good shade to give off the amount of light you want in the room.


Probably the most important part of deciding on what nightstand to purchase is how much storage you are going to need. If you have a large room this might not be as much of a concern but having some draws or basket below your nightstand might be a great place to hold your evening book collection, radio, alarm clock and any other daily essentials without your space looking too cluttered. If you have a small room this part is essential to make sure your room doesn’t look messy and disorganized.


Placing a mirror on the wall behind your beside table is not essential but, will instantly make the space seem a lot larger. It will reflect the elements used on the surface of the table and will give the illusion of a bigger space and make the whole room come together. If you are thinking about doing this I would have them symmetrically placed on either size of the bed to increase this double. If you don’t want to use a mirror then a piece of artwork or even framed wallpaper could be a good alternative.


Having a good book to curl up in the evening time before bed is a great easy to wind down. It is proven that regular reading can help your mental health as well as help with your sleeping patterns. But, did you know they’re a great way to decorate your space. I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but in this case it is important that you do. Finding a good book that reflects the color of the room and the personality you want to reflect in it is key. If you really want to place a book that isn’t the most appealing to look at, try and invest in a nightstand with closed cabinets, therefore you can still have it there without disrupting the look.


No space is complete without a little greenery to help brighten up and complement the area. If you want to place flowers on your nightstand, use colors that match your color scheme or a contrasting bold color to really create a dramatic statement. This works well with both artificial greenery and real plants, but if you want to create a healthy and fresh environment place some fresh flowers or plants every so often to keep you feeling happy and alive.


Now we’ve already touched on books and lamps, but having a decorative object can make the space a lot more interesting. From candles to radios, and Buddhas to statues, just one piece here will instantly give your nightstand a glamorous and sophisticated feel to your room.

Small Bedrooms

These decorating tips might not be suitable for very small areas. Large lamps can take up a lot of room and not everyone has the space for decorative objects, but there are ways around this. Why not place a sconce lamp on the wall to free up some room on your nightstand. And use layers instead of having just one surface, so there’s more to play around with. You could place a floating shelf along with the sconce and add a basket below to increase your storage space and still allow it to look clean and relaxing.

Thank you so much for reading guys. What’s your favorite way to style your nightstand? Feel free to leave a comment below and show me your designs.

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