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How to pick the right grey paint colour

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Finding the right grey paint color can be a tricky excersize when decorating your home. It can look great in natural daylight, but turn way too dark of an evening, or it can look fab on the tin, but open it and it’s like mud. There are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing the right grey paint color. First, decide on what tone you want it to be. Do you want to go light, medium, dark and do you want to have it feeling warm or cold. I know grey is pretty much a cold neutral colour, but think about the other colours that will be going in your room and have it match the same type of temperature. If your room has a lot of blues, there are great choices for bluish undertones to make the blues stand out more, same with red. Here are a few ideas to get you started and begin your journey to finding the best colour for your home.

Light Colours

Hardwick White – Farrow and Ball – The perfect grey shade for your kitchen cabinets. Getting creative with paint colours in your home is a great way to add interest. A lovely pale grey shade can really brighten up your kitchen space and adding in a secondary colour scheme.

Borrowed Light – Farrow and Ball – A calming, peaceful grey shade is great for the bedrooms. Its soft, gentle approach  will transform your space into a calm and gentle area, allowing you to really take a load off after another day in the office (or shopping centre).

Little Greene – French Grey Pale – This is definitely my go-to favourite grey color. With warm undertones it can really make your living areas feel complete and comfortable. As the amount of daylight we get changes throughout the day, this shade of grey allows you to feel the true benefit of the colour without the space getting too dark or cold looking.

Dark Colours

Night Jewel 1 – Dulux – Gorgeous for the drama enthusiats, this deep rich color is fab for tohse who want to make a statement and add a heck of amount of contrast. It can be used in smaller areas like the hallway or powder room, or can be great for larger areas. Pair with some rich bold colurs such as red and mustard for a well balanced home, this colour is something that will definitely leave you speechless. Don’t forget to add some more lamps in your home, grey has a bad habit of sucking up all the light from a room. After all, you want to see the other colours as much as the grey shades.

Down Pipe – Farrow and Ball- This industrial colour is great for smaller rooms that you definitely want to fall in love with. It has slight hints of yellow undertones, so pairing with warmer colours is a great way to make the most out of this paint transition. Adding in white and blacks is also a great way to add depth.

Warm Colours

Wall Street – Benjamin Moor – If you are very limited on natural lighting in your home this is a great choice. It warms up your space without it overpowering the room and works well with pretty much every colour. It’s a great idea to use this as your base colour and layer on more interesting features into your home with grace.

Cold Colours

Denim Drift – Dulux – Dream House ALERT! This pale cold grey colour has blue undertones and will go great in a beach house/coastal style. The best way to make the most out of this colour is through layers different shades of grey and blue on top of one another so this space can be warmed up and add a heck of an amount of depth. Be careful with this colour, you want to make sure you have enough lighting in your home for this. If you don’t, i’d definitely recommend getting a glamorous floor lamp.


I hope you guys loved these paint colours. The most important thing to remeber when painting with grey is to notice how much natural light you get into your home. The sun moved throughout different parts of the day and you want to make sure theres enough light getting into your space at all parts. If this is an issue for you lighting is a great way to keep your grey colour in sight and a strong feature in your home. Have fun with the color, and brighten your home up with some bold accents to really make your home interesting and glamorous.

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