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How to pick the best colour scheme for your home

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Wanting a new colour scheme but stuck for options? Struggling to find the best colours for your taste? Or simply want to update your current palette with a fresh look?

First things first, there is no such thing as an ugly colour. But blending the wrong colours and shades together can make an ugly combination.

So, here are some ideas to get your colour inspiration started. ūüôā


Shop around at your favourite home ware stores is the first thing we all do when deciding to upgrade our interiors. It’s the perfect place yo will find the latest trends, styles and seasonal decor. From here you can then work in colours that blend well and create a combination from the chosen decor colours to create a palette that you’ll love.

Some good examples of where to start are Abstract House, Etsy Home and Next UK.


Pillows are a vital part of interior design in any room of your home. Adding a pillow creates comfort, style and elegance to a space. The colours you see and the patterns you choose can be the main feature of your design, or an accent to the whole look. Look at the blend of colours and pick 2-3 that you think work well together. Then find other objects that match these colours and everything will simply fall into place and create a beautiful space.


Take a moment and look out your window. What colours do you see? Lots of green? Blues, Purples, Oranges? Pick 2-3 that you love and create the structure of your colour scheme. Nothing beats bringing the outdoor vibe into the home like reflection and repetition.


Your favourite colours will definitely show in your closet. We tend to purchase clothes that are colours that we have a positive response to without really knowing it. Weather it’s just you or a whole family have a look and see what colours really stand out to you.


2-3 colours is the best blend for a balanced colour scheme. But knowing what colours go well together can make or break a design. Harmonious colour families are a great guide to get you started. 

The most popular families are:

  • Analogous 2-4 colours next to each other on the colour wheel (pink,red,orange)
  • Monochrome 1 colour in 3-4 different shades (pale blue, bold blue, navy)
  • Triadic 3 colours at equal distance from one another (Red, Green, Violet)
  • Complementary¬† colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel (Red & Blue)


Pick just 1 family for your whole house, then mix and match your main and accent colours throughout each room for a blended and elegant finish.


Once you have decided on a colour palette, the next stage is the best shade for your chosen room. Daylight is so important here and you need to check in what angle the sunlight is coming into your room.

North: steady daylight with blue tones, your main colour should be a warm colour

South: warm golden daylight, any colour works well here

For East and West rooms the sunlight moves ass the day carries on. Make note on when you spend your time in these rooms and decorate to compliment the sunlight, not work against it.

Top 5 Tips on styling with colour

  1. Always use the 60/30/10 rule for a blended and even appearance
  2. Work with your daylight, not against it
  3. Bringing nature into your home adds interest without any major expenses
  4. Pick your paint carefully – always purchase a sample before committing
  5. Have Fun! This is the best way to show off how great you really are

I hope you enjoyed reading and now have some ideas on where to begin. If you ever need inspiration here is a great place to start. I just love colour and am always sharing my ideas on my blog so make sure to stick around. Other than me there are some great websites to check out for the latest inspiration such as Pinterest, Dulux and House Beautiful. 

What’s your next colour scheme going to be? Id love to connect with you so feel free to start a conversation below.

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