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How to mix and match animal print in your home décor

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Bold colours are coming back in style and nothing screams bold more like a fabulous animal print. The true definition of glamour and the perfect finishing touch to any design is through the use of animal print. Even a small touch can really go a long way here.

But what are the best ways to bring animal print into your home without it looking tacky and dated?

Mixing and matching is the best way to do this. But be careful, do not go overboard here otherwise your home will look like the Amazon. I would suggest using 2 different patterns or colours to achieve and elegant and eclectic look that creams culture and love of animals.

Polite Notice: Please check before you purchase that it is handmade and has not been the result of animal cruelty through poachers.

Throw Pillows

Honestly the best wayto bring in animal print. Mix and match leopard and tiger prints to create pattern and texture to your home. You could use the same pattern but in two separate colours here. A nude leopard print along with a blue leopard print will go lovely. Remember when doing this only to pick 2, otherwise it will start to look dated.


A great stool can be so beautiful to add to your living room and bedroom designs. The zebra style is amazing because of it’s black and white colour, making it a neutral and not driving any focus away from the colour scheme but adding some dimension to the texture of the home.


Perfect for kids rooms, hallways and kitchens, placing photos of animals can be a great way to reflect your personality and love of animals. Or simply a way to bring in a little fun to the space.


Ever seen a zebra wallpapered bathroom. Why not be the fist to try it out. If you don’t like the bold idea, go for a more subtle pattern like snake skin. Purchase the best colour for you and watch the magic happen.


Golden tigers, decorative tigers and zebra rugs. Décor is your best friend when it comes to mixing your patterns. Use one of the above ideas as your base pattern, then add in some layers through your décor, weather pillows, golden ornaments or even a teddy for the kids. This is the way to bring in some culture and show off what type of person you are and the lifestyle you bring.

Did you know that animals love animal print? It helps them relax because it makes them feel more natural and at ease. Decorate your dogs bed in some animal print and everyone in your home’s happy, even your 4 legged friends.


How are you going to decorate with some animal print? I do love the patterns being a huge animal lover and am in love with my leopard print throw pillows. They are faint in colour but bring so much richness and texture into my living room.

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