How to decorate with your Rug + 7 tips for choosing the right size area rug for your living room

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OK! So you’ve just bought your first ever home and have finally moved in and started unpacking. The first thing you do is start building up your living room with your furniture, accessories and of course, your TV, we all need a friends binge every once in a while. But after some time and A LOT of changing around your layout, there is something off. It might be that your colours don’t match, but the odds are is that you need the right rug for your chosen mood. How do you choose from the thousands of different styles and materials? There are so many questions about picking the correct rug for you but by keeping these top tips in mind you will not go wrong with giving your room the ultimate finishing touch to your home.


The main feature you want to include here it to make sure your rug is big enough to cover the whole area. You want your main room to be a stample feature of comfortable living. Having a rug that is too small is definitely not going to do you any favours. It’s worth the investment for a complete look.


Are you scared of your home looking a bit over the top? I am one for a great eclectic, bold design and never shy away from pattern. If you are unsure wheather to go for a patterned rug or a plain one, go for the pattern, Haha oj, first you need to look at what else is going on in the room. Is it quite plain? is there any colour? Have you got interesting art pieces? Adding a pattern here is a great way to introduce some visual movement. It will create a harmonious flow with the other patterns and materials going on. The more texture you create here, the more interesting and cosy it’s going to feel.


Ahhh the best feature to play with. The most terrifiying to try out. You definetly can bring a bright, bold pop of colour into your home with a gorgeous statement area rug. From purple to pink, black to white or even multicoloured, this is really what will create that overall designer look into your home. Does your room have a lot of colour? What is your favourtie colour? What does your personal style look like? Answer these and you’ll have your future home in your head in to time. Look around at the colours currently in the room. Pair the same colour with a shade or two darker or lighter for and enhanced look, or go for a colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel for a bold look.


The most important question you need to ask yourself when decorating is who is going into the room, how often is it going to be used and how long are we going to use it. If you have KIDS (god help you haha) you need to consider the materials going into your room. Don’t go for something that is hard to clean, and glass tables are a killer for finger marks. Wool is your best bet when it comes to high trafic rooms, its strong, long lasting and glamorous as hell. Other materials such as synthetics, sheepskin and silk are very visually pleasing for your new living room, if it’s a bachelor pad pad like mine, or your first proper family home. Have fun with this though, don’t get too bogged down with your chosen rug not made to last forever, if you’re anything like me you’ll get bored of it after a year or so and want to change it around anyways.


If your room is quite big but your going for a really cozy appeal, layering your rugs is a great way to add depth and interest into your space. Plant-based fibers are great to use as a base layer here. Choose between Jute, Sisal and sea-grass for a great look, then layer on your wool, silk and synthetics to achieve a cosy and interesting living room.


Going back to one of the vital questions who is going to be using your room and how much traffic will it get, the living room is probably the most used room in the whole house, other than the bathroom is your bladder is anything like mine. Selecting a material that is natural/plant based can be great if your living room is flowing in rythem with your garden. Or maybe your in a hot climate country (i wish).

P.S. Don't forget your Rug Pad

Just to let you know, you need to stick your rug down onto the floor, it doesn’t come with the rug, I know, typical. You can cut them, shape them and mold them to match the size and style of your rug so the ends don’t stick out, it will require a bit of DIY but i’m sure you can handle it.

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