How to decorate with Warm Ochre

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Looking for the perfect colour that will suit your home year-round? A warm ochre shade is the perfect for your latest design style. Adding to pop of sunshine into your indoors this will definitely do well in your scheme. The deep yellow tone will also do your home justice in the colder months, keeping your home full of warmth and comfort. But how do you style such a bold colour in your home? Here are the best ways to bring some of the ochre sunshine into your home and how to style them all year round.


The best way to bring colour into your home is through the use of paint. Even small areas can make this stand out. It adds drama and creativity into your lifestyle. Plus the yellow tones will automatically lift your mood and make you feel happy. Mot effective in the bedroom so you wake up feeling happy everyday.


A velvet sofa, armchair or even table top decor. Small or large, a yellow addition to your home will make your style look complete and comfortable. Smaller pieces such as a lamps, decorative accessories and even picture frames can make such a difference to the overall feel of this space.


Autumn is the best season becasue of the colour. The warm tones you achieve from rustic accents in the kitchen and bathroom really help your home shine with culture and allows the early sunsets that stream into your home bounce off the rustic objects and bring your home to life. Adding in some gold/orange rustic decor will add glamour and elegance to your home but still keeping it modern and chic.


Are you a lover of the bold and brave? Adding some dark neutrals to your home will make your ochre colour stand out even more. It creates drama to your home and allows your space to tell a story. A simple side table is all you need to make such a difference to how you space looks. Pair with chocolate Brown & Red tones for the best look. This look works best in South Facing rooms as it will complement the dark room and help brighten it with some bold colours.


Not ready to embrace the darker trends just yet? Add some pastel accents to make this colour a more summery one. Perfect with pinks, greens and purples, this colour can transform from a dark yellow into the perfect neutral for a summery home. Create a summer mood with some white paint.


You only need a small amount with this rich, bold colour. Adding a feature wall will achieve a very warming and inviting look to your home. Darken or brighten how you choose and your home will look comfortable and luxurious all year round. 


Adding a pop of colour where you least expect it is what makes a good design. Functional rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms are ones that lack this element of surprise. Adding in some warm ochre accents will leave a lasting impression. Pair with navy and black for a dramatic look that is also livable.


A Warm Ochre can seem a very daunting and adventurous colour to have in your home. But it is very livable, sustainable and gives off callming effects.

The best colours to pair this with range from

Navy/Green – Tropical Effect

Raspberry/Olive – Ping

Warm Pink/Orange – Soft

Metallics – Glamour

Whites/Light Netrals – Summery

Chocolate/Red – Adds light into dark rooms

Top tip: Stay away from zesty colours as it will make it look grey and dull

What’s your favourite colour to pair with this warm ochre? I love the addition of reds and orange accents to pair with a good accent wall. Let me know your ideas in the comments below. Keep scrolling for some great ochre paint colours and some of the latest ochre decor finds to add to your home.


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