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How to create the perfect mood for your home

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Choosing the best mood for your home can be difficult. You have to think about your lifestyle and how your home can work with you. You need to decide what you’re intending to use your space for and how you are going to style your home to reflect your personality and taste so when people come over and visit, they will get to know everything about you without having to ask you anything.

But what is a mood?

A mood is a personal feeling that you want to express throughout your home. Finding your mood will decide on the style you will go for and the type of home you want to create. Here I have selected the best ways to start your process and help you find the perfect mood that suits your style and personality.


Colour is the best way to create your perfect mood as certain colours give off different vibes to help you achieve the feel you want for your space. The main colours that effect your moods are:

Blue’s – Calming

Yellow – Happiness

White – Airy 

Green – Reduce Anxiety

Purple’s – Dramatic/Luxury

Orange’s – Energy/Enthusiasm

Red’s – Romantic/Hospitality

Pink’s – Calming/Promotes Kindness

So, pick the vibe you want and build your colour scheme based on your chosen mood.


What does your lifestyle look like? Are you an outgoing person, or a home bird? Do you have friends over a lot? Do you work from home?

All these need to be considered when thinking about designing the mood of your home. If you have a stressful job a calming and airy look might do you well. If you entertain a lot and have a few parties & get together a energetic, glamorous mood would be perfect.


Adding decor & accessories is where your personality will really come to life. Artwork, family airlooms and upcylced pieces of furniture are great ways to start. Then in little amounts add pieces of your own style.

  1. If you’re a bold person – add pops of colour or drama
  2. If you’re a classy person add some elegant masterpieces
  3. If your a glamorous person add some drama


Balance is key! You want to make your space full of charm and lived in, but not too cluttered that you find it hard to relax in. Take your time and discover what suits you right.


Bringing in some historic elements will create a charming home. Discover when your home was build and decorate around that era through accessories and moldings. The most common home in the UK are Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and semi-detached houses from the 30’s.

If you have a semi, the best historic references and stylish influences are mainly from the Art Deco & Arts and Crafts period. You might find that your home already has elements of this, making it easier for you to create a historic and enchanting home.

Family air looms, antiques and collectibles are also a great way to show off your history. Adding home photos and souvenirs will help you show your story off to anyone that visits.


Daily routines and how we live our lives will be the defining factor on how we style our homes and what mood we create. If you’re a morning person, having an airy home with lots of sunlight and plants will help you feel good first thing in the morning. If you’re a night owl and entertain a lot, a romantic & energetic home could be a good idea for you. It’s all about balance and making sure your home looks after you and keeps you feeling organised and relaxed.

If you’re still stuck on what mood to create have a look below at some inspiration I have found through my favourite designers to help give you a sense of what certain moods tend to look like in a good design. 







What’s your favourite mood? How do you want your home to feel? I hope this has helped you create the perfect home environment to help you relax and feel right at home.

How are you going to achieve your dream home with your vibe? Please share your ideas in the comments to start a great conversation.

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