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How to create the perfect conservatory room design

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Sharing my garden room/conservatory room ideas with you including color scheme, furniture, accessories and comfort.

A lot of people have been spending lots of time outside their homes recently. We are now at the time of year when the sun is out, the gin glass needs a refill and street parties and friend gatherings are happening all over the place.

The thing I love about a garden room is it can be a great place to entertain guests, to appreciate the garden from indoors or to simply come in and relax in.

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What is a Conservatory?

The whole idea of a conservatory is a glamorous place to retreat to when you have a house party, friendly gathering or you simply just want a comfortable space to spend some time with your family without staying in your living room all day. The amount of times we spend in our homes is increasing more these days so having a space room in the house to get some private time, more entertainment and more access to your favorite household essentials is incredibly strong.

Plus they look Fabulous!

How to style your Room?

  • Conservatory rooms reflect the garden so should have big open bay windows to allow nature to come into the space.
  • A lot of color should be easily a part of this space, from the flowers outside to the colorful furniture pieces.
  • Rustic elements will look great here to reflect the wild nature of life
  • Adding in some internationally traditional decorative elements here can really bring depth into the space (Buddha, African).
  • Personality Matters! Dig out some old photos, have a guitar stand in the corner, bring all your records in and show off your vintage record player.

You could create a second living room for your garden room. The main purpose for one of these it for a cozy retreat or somewhere to seek solitude. Make sure it is comfy and glamorous to suit for all your entertaining needs.

Why not bring some garden furniture inside to give your space a unique design. Purchase a rattan chair, paint it your favorite color and accessorize with at least 3-4 pillows of different sizes and colors for that glamorous feel. This is perfect for those small garden areas or if it rains a lot in your area, so you can still get the benefit of a garden without needing one.

Colour is really important here. You want to make sure your walls are fairly neutral to bring in as much natural light as possible. You want your color to come through from the decor and furniture such as colorful pillows, a bold upholstery or a boho chic area rug. You colors should blend well together and communicate with each other. (Pinks and Purples, Blue and Yellows)

You can bring in some color by using natural elements such as wood and material. This will create a calming effect and make it easy to fall in love with.

The idea for this design is to bring light and color into the home that reflect the garden areas for this couple. Rich with travel and a love for traditional luxury, I have mixed traditional comfort with some rustic elements to bring this place to life. Purple is definitely the main focus here but, I did not want it to overpower the room. Blending this in with Pinks and Lilacs, creates a glamorous conversation about who the personalities of the home.

The Rustic looks from the coffee table, side table and picture frames is enhanced by the travel decor placed around the room to enhance the feel of travel and nature.

The rich purple armchairs create a jasmine tone to the room and help make this space wild and unexpected.

I always love to use an area rug to really help complete a look and this piece was fabulous for this look. Having elements of the color scheme but the traditional style of comfort, really brings this look together and is bound to be the perfect daytime retreat for any home.

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