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How to create a Modern Shabby Chic Bedroom

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I don’t know about you but I just love a modern shabby bedroom. It’s the perfect setting to come home to and will really help make a relaxing home environment. A shabby chic bedroom is probably one of the most popular bedroom styles to get that elegant, feminine feel that can help you relax and feel pampered. I personally don’t find myself attracted to the really worn look for a bedroom, but the modern take on this shabby, feminine style really makes my heart melt. I’m definitely going to be trying this one out in my new built apartment. But how can we go about creating your own unique style to modern shab?

Keep reading and find out the best kept secrets to bring your home together.

A glam vanity area

The perfect fit for a glamorously girly bedroom. Pairing a vanity area will make this space as productive as possible and will ad some chic glam to this modern take on the shabby bedroom.

Make your bedside tables soft and pretty

Symmetry is key here. Keep your bedside tables light and simple, placing them on either side of the bed and accessorized with some flowers and a good sized table lamp with a french twist. This soft look with really help bring your look together. 

Your bedding matters

It’s all in the details. The key to a beautifully laid out shabby bedroom that you can make a haven out of is the bedding. Layered with a number of pillow styles, soft white bed sets with a shabby flair that drapes down covering the bed and a great runner sheet or blanket of your choice and color. You’ll come home and literally want to jump on your bed like the princess you’ll turn into with this look. The majority of your room with be plain, but here is the area where you can bring your favorite color into your space and bring your personality alive.

Add a Canopy

For some added drama and visual movement, adding a silk canopy to your room will create a glamorous, traditionally styled bedroom. You can choose a small version as seen below, or a large version that can cover your entire bed area giving you more privacy in the evening times.

Add Some Monochrome to your wallpaper

Bringing some modern elements into this look is great for making this space glamorous as well as traditionally feminine. This is simply a personal preference of mine, but adding in a touch of drama can be great to make this space a lot more interesting and unique. Black and white colors are always a good bet for long lasting effects, but if you love a certain color then go for it. I’m the type of person to change my mind on color before I’ve even finished the room, so this is a no go for me and will be focusing on color when it comes to my bedding.

Wall Stickers

If you’re not a big wallpaper fan or are in a rental, this is a great alternative. Wall stickers are removable and come in some fabulous colors and styles. Get creative and find one that suits you the best.

Add Some Gold

Nothing screams chic like a touch of gold. A mirror is a good bet here becasue what’s a bedroom without a mirror in. It’s such a simple accent and makes such a difference, this country shabby look can really be brought to life with some of these modern touches to create a timeless effect.

A personal twist!

This grey and pink color scheme blends both tradition and modern styles together to create a glamorous, feminine and comfortable bedroom. Shop below for some great ideas on bringing some shabby style to your home.

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