How to be a Confident Introvert

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Going through life feeling self-conscious and having low self-esteem will only hurt you in the future. Everyone should be able to live their lives with confidence and character, no matter how outgoing, chatty or quirky you may be.

Here I am going to guide you through what being an introvert actually means and how you might feel most of the time that you are simply a shy, uninteresting and indoor person, but after reading this post hopefully will show you that this is far from the truth.

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What is an Introvert

Before we begin lets get one thing clear here. Being an introvert is NOT a bad thing. There are so many posts and articles on google that state ‘you’re secretly an introvert’ as if it’s something to be ashamed of. 

Well it’s not to stop feeling insecure about it right now.

I always tried to deny that I was an introvert because of the people I had in my life convinced me it was a negative thing. My work colleagues spoke about it as if it was a disease, my boyfriend (now ex) make me feel boring and unimportant.

But after some soul searching I realized I was actually awesome and was fed up of people treating me this way.

Being an introvert simply means that you would prefer to have 3 close friends than 20 unreliable ones, to have house parties than go clubbing, to enjoy your own company than always feel the need to be around someone.

Being an introvert is the best because you actually enjoy your own company and are very careful about who you spend your time with. There’s no drama, no backstabbing, no dishonesty and lot’s of good times with the people who mean the world to you.

Meet knew people

This might sound like the most daunting thing on the planet. The thought of going out and meeting knew people and trying to find conversation with them is terrifying. 

I went through the same thing, always staying at home and sticking around the same group of friends who has pretty much outgrew me.

But I always felt miserable.

So, I got a new job, started new hobbies and became more independent. As a starting point I would search for local clubs to join in your local town on something that really interests you. Do you like dancing, cooking, reading or even rock climbing there’s honestly a club for everything.

You are more likely to meet knew friends when you share joint interests.

Smile More

Feeling good about yourself comes from within, but if it doesn’t look like you’re happy with who you are on the outside, people notice.

When you walk down the street try smiling to yourself, to the man selling fruit, to the receptionist at work, to the cashier in ASDA. It makes such a difference. It allows you to feel better about yourself and can also brighten up someone else’s day too.

People are automatically drawn to you if you’re look happy and inviting.

Your Fashion sense

Do you honestly feel good about the clothes you wear.

I used to be so self-conscious of my weight that I would wear a baggy T-Shirt and over-sized jeans that just did nothing for my figure to hide my body. But I felt shit about myself. So did the work to get the pounds (4st) off and researched what goes well with an hourglass/curvy figure.

I would sort out your wardrobe, pick out the colours that make you feel good, pick out a few basics to pair with anything and pick out a few sophisticated statement pieces. The rest just chuck away and start shopping on your new look.

In order to find the right clothes, you need to know what you love. Are you big on color or patterns, do you like skirts or jeans, heels or trainers.

Be honest with yourself and if you don’t absolutely love it, don’t buy it.

Your Home

This is usually a point that is skipped a lot. But your home is so so so important to your overall confidence, especially as an introvert. Your home is where you wake up every morning, where yo go to sleep, the place you come home to after a really great or really shit day.

It needs to reflect who you are as a person, the lifestyle you have, the memories you are most proud of and what makes you, you.

If your home does nothing for your positive energy, you can tell.

However, if your home makes you feel so good about yourself you’ll leave the house every morning in the best mood and will carry that mood for the rest of your day. And if by the off chance you have a bad day, you will come back to a home that you love and makes you feel comfortable and valued.

Social Media

Ah social media!

The new way to bully, belittle and shame others without having the pressure of a smart comeback.

Social media can be great, sharing lots of fun memories, funny memes and planning your next girly holidays together. But be careful. I’m pretty sure I’m the last person from my school year that is not married, pregnant, and having milestone parties and annual celebrations.

But that’s ok!

The worst thing you can do on social media is compare yourself, your life and your body to other girls. Because even thought they’ve got the husband, the house in the country and the baby on the way, I’m not really interested in that yet and would rather focus my 20’s on travelling the world, enhancing my career and making long-term friendships and hobbies that will stick with me for a good portion of my life.

All that other stuff can come later.

Friends and Relationships

The company you keep reflect the type of person you are and how you feel about yourself.

If you have friends that put you down and belittle your small accomplishments – get rid now

If you have a boyfriend that always makes arguments, always has to be right and is so self centered he never really attempts to get to know you -honestly girl just walk away – i promise you, you’ll be alright

Find people in your life that compliment you, not suck the life out of you. Find people that are similar to you and understand you. These people are not easy to find but if you keep looking and start looking into yourself you will find them in to time.

Work on Yourself

Being an introvert can be challenging at times. Some of us are so quiet and unsire about ourselves that we week validation from others around us. But the key to really learning about who we are, what makes us happy, what drives us insance and how we like to spend our time is to go out and explore the world and what it has to offer.

Join a cooking club and if you don’t like it, do something else. It teaches you a little about yourself and you get closer to figuring out who you are and what direction you want your life to go. True happiness is found within, and once you find your confidence no one will belittle you, bully you or bother you again.


What makes you confident? Have you tried any of these before? Are you going to start now?

Thank you guys so much for reading this, I really hope this helps you find you style in life. Please subscribe to my newsletter for more VIP tips on how to feel confident about yourself and let me know how your branching out is going.

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