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Gunmetal Grey: How to style with gold accents

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Are you looking for more of a bold color scheme in your home. Get ready for the latest fall trends and opt for a more glamorous and versatile home. Pairing a rich, dark, gunmetal grey color with gold accents will introduce great class and elegance into your home. Pair this up with some additional soft colors to create depth and interest such as a mustard or baby pink. This will not only give you the glamorous home you’re after, but will appear very friendly and welcoming for all members of the family.

So, how do we do this?

Experiment with Furniture

Creating balance is important to get the desired effect here. We want the grey to be the main color here and adding in gold accents to liven the space up. Shop around and find some great gold colored statement pieces for your home. You want to create a bold feel to the room and help compliment your grey shades.

Statement Artwork

Adding in some artwork to you walls will create depth and desire into your home. Below are some great examples of how to mix grey and gold together to get that glamorous feel you’re after.Adding in a third color here such as black could be great to give your space and overall balanced look.

Get creative with wallpaper

You simply can’t go wrong by adding in some wallpaper to your home. You could opt for all walls or to make one wall stand out, you could even purchase just one strip and frame them, using them as artwork. A touch of wallpaper helps create focus, pattern and texture into your home and really help liven the space up.

Tropical Lamp Styles

Adding a touch of gold comes in best when decorating your home. With simple decor objects you can create a golden accent to compliment your dark grey living space. Having golden lamps, blended in with separate colors and fabrics will allows your room to give that golden goddess feel and get you loving your home in no time.

Decorate your Fireplace

Simple but effective!

Depending on the style of your living room, you want to make your fireplace stand out and bring the room together, as this is going to be your center-point to this space. Adding some golden vases, candles, ornaments and blended in with flowers, photos or artwork can make this area very interesting and give your living room a comfortable appearance.

Introduce soft colors

Maybe you want to add a third color in here to warm your home, or you want to keep it strictly grey and white, adding in a third shade is a great way to create balance. Adding a separate color here will help compliment your grey and gold colors here. If you wanted to keep in grey, try adding in another shade of grey to give your room more depth and detail, creating a balanced and sophisticated feel to your home.

Thank you so much for reading guys, I hope you have lots of fun decorating your home in this gorgeous color palette. What is your favorite piece about this that you can’t wait to try out?

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