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Essential Autumn Comforts for your home

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Looking to add some warmth into your home? Has your summer home started to feel a little worn out?

With Autumn around the corner now is the perfect time to start thinking about changing how your home feels. I know living in the UK has been great over the past few months, but the weather has broke and the home comforters have come back out. 

September is just around the corner now, making this the perfect time to get organised. Keep scrolling for some great ideas on how to create a comfortable home ready for those early nights.


How does your home feel? Investing in some great smelling candles or room mist can easily transform how your home feels. From summer breeze, to vanilla mist to cinnamon candles there is an endless range of perfect scents to make your home feel right for you. Have a look below to see some of my favourite scents to add some comfort to your space. Just click on the images and start shopping for your future scents.


Now that the summer is ending bringing back your blankets and couch throws will not only be great for when you’re feeling chilly, but add some warmth to the visual appearance of the room. This will help create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that will make putting your feet up that much easier.


If you’re looking to change your colour scheme from the Royal Blue and Yellow tones that have been trolling lately, why not add some neutrals to your home. A cream couch, a rich leather armchair or even a side table really helps your space connect with your mood and how you feel about your space. Nothing warms up a dull area like some rich neutrals to play around with. Cream is the trend colour for this Fall so why not shop around. There are some great pieces here at Etsy Home , Loaf UK and the Sofa Workshop for you to check out.


Organizing your space makes you feel so much better about yourself and your home. Storage boxes are always your friend and a great console table can never be a mistake. If you’re struggling to decide on how to do this. Simply look around your space, discover what always ends up on the floor and locate an area in your home for this to go. You will save yourself lots of time in the future and stop worrying about a mad tidy up before friends arrive.


There’s nothing worse than starting your day looking for a great rainy day outfit when all that’s in there are summer slip dresses and open toe sandals. Get ready by sorting out your wardrobe ready to start any day. Don’t bring out your thermals though until the cold weather really hits. Autumn is great because you can still pull off a summer outfit, but with some added warmth with a great jacket.


Soft colours are great for a relaxing atmosphere and rose is definitely a great colour that you can go for. Perfect in decorative accessories, rose colours create a creamy, chilled mood but boosts your energy to make you feel happy and at home. Place just 1-2 pieces in each room for the perfect result.

If you’re not a pink lover, turquoise and sage colours go well as well.


It’s not autumn if you don’t bring in a rustic vibe into your space. Pots n pans, lampshades or even candle holders really give your home a rich, smokey vibe to fall into this autumn. They go perfect for any colour scheme and are so visually appealing they help bring the whole look together. 

There you have it! Some of the easiest and simplest ways to warm up your space and get organised ready for autumn to kick in next month. I can’t wait for the early nights, the long baths and the thick pj’s to come out. Being comfortable in your home is essential for a happy you so get your home organized and your clothes ready, then all that’s left is to enjoy yourself.

What are you gonna do first? What’s your process to getting yourself organised? leave a comment below to connect with me and share some of your ideas. 

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