Dive into Rita Konig’s wonderfully English Durham farmhouse

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If lots of colour, rich collectible pieces and a space that speaks heritage, history and simply English, you’ll love Rita Konig. One of my all time favourite interior decorator’s, this lady really knows how to put the design in designer. Her home in Durham which she has released over on House & Garden speaks everything you expect to see in a classical country farmhouse and even more. Take a look at her living room. The pop of green is reflected from the country fields outside and she brings this space together with vintage furniture, classic pattern and collectible art pieces.

This beautiful yellow armchair brings a beautiful bold contrast to the room whilst keeping with the nature theme.

Show your artwork off in your home by spacing it out throughout your entire space. Add in a material lamp shade, plants, candles and layer up your colours for a beautiful finish.

Your home is supposed to tell a story about who you are. Create some symmetry for a clear vision of you that people will understand the minute they step foot in your home.

For that old stylish look, show off your favourite china pieces in your kitchen. It gives people some entertainment and never let’s a conversation fade out. This is the perfect way to add a ton of interest in tour kitchen.

Not every room should look exactly the same, but try and keep the same colour scheme going. Rita’s yellow room is a big contrast to her green room but the overall colours and feel to this space create a beautfil, bold and lively home.

Mix patterns and furniture together to get the best finish for your bedrooms.

The bed should always be the center of the bedroom. It should scream come in lie here and get comfortable. If you really want to make this more noticeable, you can opt for an over-sized bed to make this stand out.

Traditional softer colours are great for bedrooms. Rita’s colour choices really make this country home come to life through English decor statement pieces.

I hope you liked travelling through Rita’s home just as much as I did. She really helps create a traditional home that makes you feel like you traveled back in time to a heritage home. What was your favourite piece about this look? I love the patterns and soft finishes she has excellently created in this home.

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