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Designer Love: Henri Fitwilliam’s transformation of a London Georgian home!

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Situated on a beautiful Georgian street, this little gem down in London has been designed beautifully with a well balanced blend of modern comforts and tradition charm. The client for this project did not want something too common and contemporary, but wanted a modern feel with bursts of personality shining through. 

How pretty is this space. From the living room to the garden room and bedrooms, Herni Fitzwilliam certainly did a splendid job at bringing this home to life and the personalities of the people living here. From Mid-century furniture to Italian originals from the 50s and 60s to pair with the owners superb 20th century art collection, this unique home gives that perfect mixture of old and new, traditional and modern for anyone to fall in love with.

So what are you waiting for, let’s dive in!

A bright open living room is so beautfil here. The traditional cornices frame these high ceilings and give it an elegant feel. The rich blue armchairs cotton velvet from Jules & Jim gives this space a splash of personality that the client was head over heals in love with. The finishing touches of the flowers and art decor allows this space to become the perfect blend of old and knew that creates a timeless look.

A space isn’t complete without lots of personality. A beautiful art collection is spread around this home to bring a sense of the client’s lifestyle and taste to life.

Beautiful earth tones frames the garden room here. The silk curtains from Holland & Sherry allows the colours from the living room into the garden room and creates an elegant flow that makes this space cozy.

The dining room is placed in the modern garden room with an american design with the modern style, mid-century mood and another collectible art piece from Laura Matthew framing the space.

A touch of modern glam from the pendant lights from Verner Panton Illuminate and blend with the Slate III painted walls from Paint & Pepper Library.

Opposite the dining space is a modern lounge area. Take in the view of the greenery and allow your guests to stay entertained.

Nothing speaks modern like a little nook. Sticking to the earth tones and bringing in more bursts of colour this space definitely makes a statement whilst sticking to the theme of this home. The Cole & Sons tile wallpaper make a gorgeous backdrop for the bold art pieces and creates an experience for everyone.

Playing it up a little in the home office, these bold colours and patters allow for a dramatic element being introduced in this elegant and sophisticated home.

When I look at this I instantly feel calm and excited. The neutral colours and calming vibe makes this a perfect bedroom design. 

I just love this wall colour by Paint & Pepper here giving off a creamy texture to the room with the bold mid-century modern armchairs from Abbott & Boyd creating a dramatic contrast that screams personality, this space is simply beautiful.

The ottoman clock house contrasts with geometric cabinetry from Nich Hudson fine joinery.

The use of blue pops in the master bedroom. With paint in the colour hicks blue paint by Little Greene and headboard from Neisha Croslands in Strata Stripe Chenille leaves this space feeling calm and comfortable.

So what gets you inspired for your home. I love the blend of the earth tones with a few bold statements Henri has used here to create an ultimate timeless mood. The main thing when designing your space is to bring lots of comfort and personality. That’s the main key to making it your very own, not the high street objects that you can find in your neighbours houses.

What are your favourite pieces that makes your space unique?

Drop a comment below and i’ll share mine with you x

Thanks for reading

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