Color palette: Blue and Yellow Aesthetic cushion covers ideas to brighten up your small garden

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Make a stylish investment this summer and purchase some blue and yellow cushion cover to provide maximum comfort in your garden.

It’s so easy to fall asleep when sunbathing and I need a great quality and glamorous looking cushion to help me doze off.

Here are some of my favorite affordable cushion covers to add to the magic of your garden ready for the weekend.

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Blue is the ultimate color this summer. If you go into any of your home stores near you (if they’re open) you will be hit with both blue and yellow to make you feel like summer has finally arrived. This color helps us feel calm and relaxed with visions of the beach and pool front open bars. Check out these cushion styles to help bring your garden furniture some life and style.



The colour of summer. No garden furniture, patio or flower bush is ever complete without a touch of yellow being added. It creates that feeling of being by the beach/pool on our summer holidays and lets us relax in this warm colour palette. Here are some ideas on cushion designs to get you inspired.



If you’re not into the Blue and Yellow summer look, why not try green. Mix and match with both colors or even some neutrals and your garden will look fab. 

After all, your garden furniture is supposed to reflect the colors of your garden.

Top Tip: This color goes so well with soft cream looks


Accessorize with Rattan

As much as garden furniture suites are the key to creating your garden, some single chairs and accent materials blended in with this is what can really help your garden go from standard to statement.


Maintaining your cushions throughout the year is key to them lasting longer. Why not have a look at some storage containers. Amazon do great ones that are cheap and easily placed so there’s not fuss.

Thank you so much you guys for reading this post. What is your favorite look? Are you a Blue and Yellow lover like me? Or do you like the Blue and Green or even Yellow and Green. Any of these looks with look fabulous in your home.

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I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

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2 thoughts on “Color palette: Blue and Yellow Aesthetic cushion covers ideas to brighten up your small garden
  1. Monika Gil

    I literally just bought the yellow geometric pattern for my living room! I am in love with yellow because I think it is very pretty and summery! Great post, my lovely! xxx

    • Rachel Little

      Aw thank you so much Monika 🙂 I know same they’re so pretty and makes my garden feel lovely and summery

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