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Summer is well under way and I know lots of home improvements happen around this time of year. Lately there have been a lot of neutral colors mixed with tones of blue and pink to get a real summery feel this year. 

Below I have selected some of my favorite home decor items you can find at amazon at a reasonable price. I’m in love with the chocolate brown area rug and found other items that contrast and complement this beautifully.

Take a look at our favourites

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No home is complete without at least 1 chandelier. Be it the kitchen, dining room living room or in a bedroom, it really helps transform your space with such a small detail. It introduces more light and pattern into your space and can really increase the amount of comfort.

Glamorous lamps are also a good bet when it comes to small purchases. This class styled table lamp can really bring a shine to your home. Perfect for the living room, it allows the space to glow without too much attention being around it.

The main issue people tend to struggle with is the actual decorative features that they choose to bring into their homes. They don’t want it to look cluttered, but they also want it to be enough to fill up the space evenly. Adding some china vases invites color, class, tradition and style to your home. Place on a console for a luxury effect.

You health is massive when it comes to how you choose to style your home. You spend the majority of your time here, especially now with your home being your office, garden, holiday retreat and gym. Salt lamps give off good vibes, they have a warm glow and they keep evil away. Now if you believe this or not, they are still a fabulous addition to the decor of your home.

Trays are the key to an organized home. They are best used for guests, coffee table decor, guestroom decor and as a mini bar, invest in one of these to create a chic and organized place for your favorite flower bouquet, favorite book or simply a placing for your gin and tonic set.

The cheapest, most time saving way to transform your home is through cushions and rugs. A simple one off purchase can transform your home without any real work need putting in. Try one and see just how much your home changes. 

And finally, no home decor is complete without some greenery added. Artificial or real they both create a natural beauty to your space and make the rooms flow together elegantly to create a sophisticated and fresh home.

Looking for something more luxurious?

Why not purchase a new coffee table for a centerpiece to your living room?

Thank you so much guys for reading! I just love revamping my home in small ways. It can really make such a difference to your home and make you feel great. What your favorite part? What are you going to do to your home this summer to bring some beauty into your home? I’d love to hear, just write a comment below x

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