Hi I’m Rachel! Welcome to Live Loud, Design You, Love Me!

How does a shy, low self-esteem, no confidence whatsoever introvert end up making her own blog and decide to start up her own business?

A girl who is fed up of feeling those things and is ready to give the middle finger to anyone who makes her feel ugly, insecure or stupid.

A former clueless girl who had no idea what she was doing, what made her happy or what her purpose was in life has finally saw the light of day and figured it out. After a number of years throughout my early twenties I was the girl who lived for the weekend. If you’d predict anywhere I was it would’ve been down the local night club.

And then I turned 25. I got bored of clubbing, got bored of my admin job, got bored of the endless drifters in my life and decided to do something about it.

After about a year of soul searching I found the only thing I really enjoyed doing was styling my home to suit my personality.

I decided to fully begin training on becoming an interior designer and take control of my life and make one that I could be happy with.

I have always struggled expressing myself being an introvert, but from a number of life experiences and failed now-memories I have finally got to a stage in my life where I can be completely comfortable and confident with who I am and will, by no means necessary, allow anyone to tarnish that. 

Stick with me here and I will show you how I was able to do this and if you are still struggling to find yourself and what you love about life, I can show you how to figure it all out!

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Welcome to my home and I can’t wait to get to know you 🙂