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A Step-By-Step Guide to styling an elegant window space

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Does your window look bare on your wall? Do you have one of those awkward windows you can’t reach and never looks pleasing enough? Have you got a beautifully large window but have no idea where to begin styling it. From small unwanted windows to large open spaced bay windows here are some great ideas on how you can decorate a window beautifully so it will brighten and open up your space magically.


Decorate your window with a pattern to fill the room up and give it the finish you want. Roller blinds and Roman blinds are so beautiful for every room in your home. It gives your space an modern elegant feel and adds interest into the room.


Perfect for tall rooms, or simply smaller rooms that will help give the illusion of taller rooms, drapery curtains will instantly make your home elegant and sophisticated. Adding drapery to your living spaces can create a beautiful center point and work your furniture around it. For added comfort why not try blackout curtains to keep the unwanted sunlight and heat away to enhance your comfort when it suits you.


Give your home a modern chic look by adding some colour to your window frames. Black is a chic statement but any colour would help decorate this area of your space.


Decorate your window shelf with some of your favourite collectable pieces, flowers and books to bring your space to life. Being a restricted space you should be careful what to place here. If you get a lot of sunlight, try to stick with living plants to help your room thrive and allow nature into the room.


Do you have some extra empty space below your window. Add some seating and storage for extra comfort for a pleasing and functional design.


Do you love your home but feel that there’s something missing? Adding storage in front of your window can create a charming, elegant and chic room. Adding a cabinet or chest of draws will bring character into your home and make your space feel full and complete. Pair it with a beautiful armchair to make your space feel comfortable and lived in.

There you have it! What’s your favourite style that you’re eager to try out? I just love drapes to make any home feel classical and elegant. I hope you enjoyed reading and can’t wait to see your ideas. Make sure to leave a comment below on what you’re favourite styling tips are.

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