A guide to turning your garden into an outdoor living room

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Have you been spending a lot of time in your garden recently but feel that you do not have anywhere comfortable to relax in or sunbath in so you can catch this summer tan while spending some loving time with your families. Here are some inspirational suggestions to get your gardening projects going.

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1. Define your space

No garden sitting area feels right if it’s in the middle of the garden. You will not attract any wildlife if you’re right ontop of the bird feed and you will certainly not feel the benefit of catching that summer tan if your parked up in the shade.

You need a clean and colourful area to relax in.

Before you begin designing your new and lovely outdoor living area, you first need to decide where about in your garden are you going to place your new room. Be it, you could place it attached to your home so its not far to go when you need the bathroom or a drink. You could use levels to make this stand out and to give your outdoor living space more of a statement.

2. Lighting

Nothing speaks comforting and cozy like some warm fairy lights. Decorating a wall, fence or even bushes in your garden with some warm fairy lights will make your space feel cozy during the evening time and will warm the appearance of the garden once the sun has ran off.

For a more sophisticated and chic look, why not purchase some paper lanterns and place them around your roofing area.

You will surely feel like you’re in the Hawaiian ocean resort.

3. Good Furniture

Have you ever owned some outdoor furniture that was alright for about an hour but wasn’t something you could sit in all day. If you want to start spending more time in your garden investing in some good furniture is necessary. Get creative with some colorful cushions that mirror the look of your garden, bringing everything together.

Just remember to put the cushions in a dry space at the end of the day so they don’t get ruined by the morning due.

4. Fireplace

What’s the point in investing in all the time and money so that you can have a lovely home if it can’t be enjoyed in the evenings as well. Some of the best holidays are spent around the outdoors. Why not purchase a goof fireplace so you can bring friends over and have a lovely evening enjoying summertime, bank holidays, bomb fire nights and even Christmas together. It makes all the difference and gives a bit of character to the design and feel of the space.

5. Green Roof

Soon enough you will be spending so much time in the outdoor sun that you might get a lovely colour on you. But when the sun gets too much it’s lovely to have a bit of shade to chill out at. Maybe you want to bring your office outside and work from the garden with the birds in the background. Having some shade gives you are break from the sun without having to go inside, allowing you to really become an outdoor person and enjoy your summer as much as possible.

6. Accessories

This is the fun part!

Accessorize your garden how you wish. Try and decorate not only your patio area, but incorporate some into the garden as well. Use water features, bird feeds, fountains, ornaments and swinging chairs for a bit of reading space. It is really up to you on this one. Make the colours reflect and complement the garden nicely to make the patio area and the garden itself one creative living area.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you have lots of fun decorating your gardens.

Until next time

Rach xo

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