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6 Ways to instantly update your home for that dream home feel

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Do you love updating your home? Playing around with different colours, styles and just giving your home some TLC and bring some new colours in every so often. You’re not alone. I for one am always looking for new ways to make my home look more interesting and eye catching. But it can be expensive, after all new colour means a new colour shceme, which means purchasing a whole bunch of new items so your home look neat and comfortable. There is such a thing as certain colours not going well together and when this happens it can make our home look like a modern train wreck. But no fear, today I am going to share with you some of my top secrets that make upgrading your home simple and very cost effective. Some are so easy and are simply DIY to your idea of stylish designs. It will get you thinking about your home and allow your creative side to really come out (if you don’t think you have one, this is where i prove you wrong). Everyone has their own ideas of what makes a house a home and the best way for this to be released is through your own designs. Below are some great ideas to get you started and served me some great inspirational ideas over the past few weeks.

Rearrange your furniture

It’s so simply you’ll wanna party! Did you know theres more than one way to arrange your furniture. Usually you go for the large 3 seater against the wall and your other pieces facing your TV/bookshelf. That’s how i’d do it anyway. But that doesn’t make for a comfortable setting. Try facing your smaller pieces towards your large sofa, making your coffee table the centre stage here. (If you don’t have a coffee table you neeeeeed one!). Add some small stools like Erin has done here for some extra seating and make it a different material for added interest into your room. 

Style your coffee table

I think here it’s important to layer up your decor. Spread them over your table or round them up and place them on a tray or basket like Jasmine has shown above. Use the rule of 3 to achieve maximum results and don’t forget to add different height and body sizes to make this an interesting place. If you are thinking of rearranging your seating, definitely give this a go too. Add some personality and just have fun, you want your home to reflect who you are and what you love about yourself. From your Danielle Steel book collection, to your weird obsession of plants (we all have one) this is the place to show yourself off.

A pop of paint

Get yourself a fabulous paint color and make a statement in your home. From bright pastel hues, to neutral creams and deep violets, a taste of a different colour can really transform and brighten up your space. If you don’t want to commit to a full transformation in your living room, simply place them in small areas. The unique style you will be bringing into your home is enough to make any space, large or small a great use of space. Don’t forget if you are painting furniture to get an undercoat and at least 2 layers of your chosen colour to really get the most out of your paint. If you’re going to go bold (you go girl) and are a little scared of the commitment, get a small sample and paint a smaller area. It’s better to do that than go for it and it come out looking like a swamp. Have fun and get creative with your accents. Gold/brass accents are everywhere now and give your home that extra touch of glamour.

Change your pillows

Changing up your pillow colors and styles can make such a huge transformation it almost looks like you’ve gone for a whole new look. Mix and match different colors, finishes and patterns to make the most of this space will definitely work in your favor. Get a pair of plain neutral pillows to go on the arms of your sofa, then add a pair of a patterned pillow with a color that highlights your colour scheme and finish with a bold, dramatic patterned pillow that you love. (can’t get enough of leopard print). The cheapest way to go about this is for your room to be very neutral, therefore won’t cost you a lot every time you want to brighten it up or make a change (every 2 months). But if you really want a make a difference here, getting some new colours into your home will definitely boost your mood when walking into this space.

Light Fixtures

When it comes to making your home more inviting and comfortable lighting is so important and always overlooked. If your room is quite dark you need to make it brighter, warmer and more elegant looking. If you struggle with natural light here pay attention! If you don’t listen anyways cause the sun’s gotta go down at some point. Having a good chandelier is great for your home. It adds light, warm and it super decorative it makes you feel like you’re visiting the queen. Having lamps and sconces are great as well. You don’t want just one source of lighting. Try some smaller lamps with dimmers on to achieve a great romantic, relaxing feel for your night time meals. And sconces, they’re just fabulous to look at. You want your home to feel elegant and royalty worthy, so don’t be afraid to make some small changes that will make your life much more easier and stylish.

Change up your floors

No, do not rip up all of your laminate/carpet. No, do not go out and buy the latest flooring. This blog is to save you money, not make you run into a loan shark. Why not purchase a bright rug in line with your colour scheme to really make a pop. If your room is quite neutral you can go with any color here. It think a good coral, purple rugs are great in cream/grey rooms. They liven the space up and bring so much interest. If you have carpet why not clean it. Like really cleeeeaaaaann it! Get yourself a deep cleaner and carpet freshener. I can’t stress how much dirt you can pick up off your floor (especially for dog owners). Get yourself a cleaning machine and leave it to dry, your room will instantly feel fresh and new. Whack out some great scented candles and live plants to get your desired mood.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading today, if you want to see more posts like this please send me your email below and i’ll send you some FREE how to guides to add comfort and elegance into your homes! 

Until Next Time, Rach xo

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3 thoughts on “6 Ways to instantly update your home for that dream home feel
  1. Carrie Lynn

    Love the tip for styling your coffee table. What do you recommend if you have a toddler in the house – for having a styled coffee table that maybe does not include breakable objects?


      Hi Carrie,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I would recommend keeping it simple with a few pretty books and a nice candle for you coffee table. If you want to add layered height for interest you could get some artificial flowers with a sturdy vase just in case your kids bump into the coffee table.

      Hope this helps,

      Rach xoxo

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