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6 Tips on how to improve your home for a positive mentality

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Do you sometimes feel down and depressed? Are you in a place in your life where you can’t really express yourself to others or still feel uncomfortable doing so?

You’re not alone.

Studies have shown that this toxic mentality can be brought back to our lifestyles and home environments. We wake up, spend our evenings and go to bed in our homes. It is where we come to for comfort at the end of everyday. It is where our focal family memories are created and remembered. It is where we being our days. Do you really want to start your day feeling depressed and anxious.

There are ways to fix this and I have provided some examples below for you ūüôā

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1. Layout

First things first! 

I want you to take a look around your surroundings!

The best way to improve our mental state at home is open spacing. Is your home closed off? does it look like all your belongins are squashed or have no set place? In order for us to feel good about the homes we live in the way we layout our rooms needs to be open and spacious. We need to be able to move around our kitchens and see what we are going into when we enter our living rooms.

Try facing your couch/sofa’s to the door so you can feel the vibe of the room when entering.

DO NOT face your suites so the back is to the door.

It can make you feel down and unwanted. 

2. Organize

How d’you relate to this image? I think I can say for us all that we definitely won’t wanna come back to Ross’s dirty now ex-girlfriends house after what this looks like. And I definitely think we’ll tell Monica about it so she can go over and clean it for her cause we will all have nightmares about it.

But think about it. If you wouldn’t go back to her place, maybe that’s what people think about your place.

Its not always about what others think. If you had to live here wouldn’t it drive you completely over the edge. You’d get so stressed out you’d consider moving back in with your parents just to get away from it.

Every object in your home needs a place to rest, so that you can too.Start planning for better use of storage. Get a cabinet for that empty space in your hallway. Or purchase some floating shelves to add some character on an empty wall.

3. Lighting

Which one of these do you prefer? The one on the right is very nice and styled really well, but there’s so little natural light coming in it needs a lamp on that corner table to brighten up the room and allow the cool poster wall the show through.

The one on the left is very strong in natural light. This is a good thing but can leave the room feeling cold and stale if no warmth is added into it. Be sure to do this, even if it’s not through lighting a bit of warmth into a room goes a long way.

Try adding vintage furniture or layer your rugs to get a subtle and relaxing home.

Now this is more what I would call a home. With fairy lights and candles in your living room ads attitude and character, the use of natural light swarms over the place and looks magical when the sun starts to go down.

This is key to making you feel good about the place you live in. If you’re anything like me you love candles and sublte lighting to make the place feel cozy all year round. There’s honestly nothing better than a candlelit meal, a bath, pj’s and the nights pick of the Film4 9 o’clock movie before bed. Being able to relax here is certain to make you sleep easily and heavily so you wake up in the best mood in the morning.

4. Colour

If you should take one thing away from this blog it is to DO NOT BE AFRAID OF COLOUR!

Colour is everything when we are designing our homes. You react to certain colours in certain ways. What is your favorite colour? What colour makes you happy? What colour brings back good memories?

Here is a mini-guide to help you decide how you want your room to feel:

Yellow: Happy

Black: Drama

Blue: Calming

Red: Exotic

Green: Attitude

Brown: Richness +History 

Picking the perfect colour will make you feel so good about yourself. It allows you to express yourself without needing to physically communicate. It will allow you to wake up feeling good about yourself and will allow others to see who you really are and that you don’t need to seek acceptance from anyone but yourself.

Be bold in your colour choices. Take risks like designer Erin Gates has done here by purchasing this glamorous, traditional and calming vibe couch for a bachelor pad for one of her clients.

5. Go-Green

There is nothing I can’t stress enough about how important it is to introduce nature into our homes. Their fresh colours instantly lift our moods, they give off fresh¬†oxidants¬†into the air and are pretty as hell to look at.

Their bold colours give your home some attitude and drama. Studies have also shown that they increase productivity, reduce stress levels and boost your mood, making them a perfect way to bring some good vibes into your home.

Try and have at least one in every room. Obviously depending on the size of the room, as you don’t want a massive plant in your small bathroom because it would overpower it and take visual movement away from your actual styling.¬†

If you don’t wanna go full blown bohemian on me that’s alright, just 1 or 2 to a room is perfectly acceptable.

6. Accessorize

I have obviously saved the best till last for you.

This is the part where you show us who you really are. Decorating your home with your antiques, memories and style is honestly the best way to bring out your personality.

We know that layout, organization, lighting, colour and plants are all important factors, but it is how you accessorize your home that allows to you see yourself in your best way and make you feel good and valued.

Some top tips would be to think about what your hobbies are.

I myself, am an environmentalist, a feminist, a book lover, a travel lover, and clearly a home lover. In that case I love inviting nature into my home, I have framed holiday photos all around and love to use rustic cultural ornaments blended in within my bookshelves to allow myself to be transported to the days of travelling through Asia.

So what about you?

If you love culture and colour, why not try a colourful bohemian styled rug, or if you’re a buddist, place a buddha ornament in your quiet spot in your room.

It’s up to you. Once this has been created in a way that uplifts your mood and makes you see the real who, you will feel so good about yourself, and if on the off chance you have a really bad day at work or a fallout/argument with someone, you will come back to a home that you love and allows you to fully relax and reflects the side of you that you love.

If you’re looking for some decor inspiration check out my latest posts here:

Thank you so much you guys for reading. I can’t wait to see how your homes turn out and how it will change your life.

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Until Next Time

Rach xo

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