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3 Ways to add glam to your Powder Room

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Decorating small spaces can be tricky and it can feel almost impossible to make a powder room look complete while also serving a purpose. The thing is, unless this room is your only bathroom, it doesn’t need to have a great amount of purpose. A toilet, mirror and washing facilities is all you need, the rest you are free to design how you want. I always love it when I have friends over and they think they’ve seen everything, then they go the bathroom and come back amazed at the little secret glam pad I’ve hidden in the powder room. If you’re looking to impress anyone, make your guests feel glamorous or simply just want to add some fab into your powder room, keep reading and you’ll find out how.

Graphic Wallpaper

This is a very small room you will be working with so feel free to go mad on your wallpaper. Your aim here is to make an impression on who visits here and how they respond so a great wallpaper piece is a perfect start.

Golden Accents

I LOVE GOLD! It just screams GLAM and will be even more impressive in a small powder room. Having gold or brass taps, sink, mirror frame or even hand wash dispensers will make this room so glamorous you’ll fall in love instantly.

Mirrors as center pieces

This is the biggest secret to achieving a glam powder room. Without a glamorous mirror to make a statement, you’re powder room won’t quite match the desired intention here. Adding a large mirro will make the room feel larger, while giving your guest a great space to powder their nose before rejoining you in the living room. Make sure to add lighting on this wall so the reflection in the mirror is a flattering one. You don’t want a large ceiling lamp because it will just cast a shadow and reveal all of your dark features.We don’t that do we!

Now it’s time to make your very own. Just remember it’s all about the design here, not so much storage, but if you did want to add some, a floating shelf goes great above the toilet. If you also decide to go for a ceiling light, try and bring the length down so it’s almost at eye level so it doesn’t cast that shadow we mentioned earlier. I’d love to see your ideas, feel free to comment and tell me all about it x

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