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13 DIY hacks to increase storage in your small bedroom

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Having a small bedroom can be a nightmare for a number of reasons. There’s not a lot of space to move about, it can get very messy very quickly and can be difficult to keep organized in the best of times. Here I have come up with 13 ways to turn your small bedrooms around and transform it into a room that you love and works its purpose magically.

  1. Bedside table

Is your room too small for a bedside table, or does your current bedside table not hold any interest to you? Placing a good bedside table in your room can really be a lifesaver. It does not need to be a large one, but simply something to place your night time read and cup of tea on so the room doesn’t feel messy at the end of the day. You can have an open or closed one. You could have one with a built in cupboard to store some daily essentials, or you could purchase a basket and place it in the space below. Start looking here!

2. Under the bed

You might consider investing in a small bed with storage space underneath for your small room. Its great for your bed sheets and shoes so you’re making the most of the storage you have and cont over complicating the space in your wardrobe or chester-draws. Check out some best designed beds here.

3. Floating Shelves

You can never have too many floating shelves in your home and they are perfect for small bedrooms. It allows more space for your essentials to go but also adds to the overall decor and feel of the room, making it a warm, cozy environment with all the elements needed for it to be organized and productive. Have a look at some examples now!

4. Window Sill

A lot of people ignore the window sill because of it’s small space, but adding 1 or 2 items here will create a new place to keep your needs if it’s self-care items, makeup, books or even some jewelry, adding a little decoration to your window sill can be great to clear up some space in your room.

5. Chair

Stools are great in all aspects. Having a chair in your rooms provides extra seating for any guests yo may have, plus it adds to the overall color and feel of the room. But by getting a stool with storage space inside, it’s truly a life saver. Putting your handbag and shoes inside at the end of the day instead of throwing them on the floor prevents your room from looking dirty and unorganized.

6. Wardrobe

A lot of people believe that small rooms are not big enough for wardrobes. But, there are tons of slim sturdy wardrobe that will help create so much more storage space in your bedroom. Just remember to measure your wall carefully so it’s not too big and there’s enough breathing space for your doors to open. Sectioning off areas of your wardrobe creates a more clean living appeal as well and helps you find what you’re looking for easier. Have a look at some slim wardrobe’s.

7. Under the TV

Do you have nay space underneath your TV that’s hung on the wall? Enough space for a shelf or cubard? I would recommend getting a small shelf to put your DVD’s, Video Games or Books in. Without these items being on show it helps to also make the room feel cleaner and providing more space for your shelves and draws to be seen. Plus it hides any wires you have on show from your TV.

8. Bags

Have you decided on getting your future wardrobe then? To add to this option, placing some designer paper bags on top will add a lot of space to store clutches, shoes and other cheeky items without it looking like you’re trying to create more space.

9. Make use of empty spaces

Take a look around your wall. Do you see any blank spots? Why not put some hooks there and hand your scarfs or hats on them. It won’t look odd or like you’re trying too hard to make use. It will look right and will form a pattern in the room without the use of wallpaper.

10. Corner Shelves

Similar to the floating shelves, places them in the corner creates even more space and will allows some room to add some decor. Maybe having some towels on with some scented candles next to it. Which ever you choose, you will be increasing your storage in your small room, whilst adding to it’s cozy and warm vibe. Take a look here.

11. Open wall wardrobe

Instead of adding little bits and bobs here and there to adds some extra space, why not choose one wall that has the least amount going on and turn it into a wardrobe. You can have them open with no doors do you know where everything is, or you can have them with sliding doors so you can hide your clothes and other essentails inside. Have a browse and see what I mean.

12. Baskets

Not just for bins, but baskets are a great investment to put your goods inside. You can place them anywhere in the room and they won;t look out of place. Underneath your bedside table, on one of your shelves if it fits or on top of your cupboard you’ve got placed underneath your TV, you can’t go wrong with having a basket or two in your room.

13. Behind the door

Do think there’s anywhere else you can put your coats in your home? Adding cases onto the back of your door can open up so much storage space for your room. Just make sure to get the ones that don’t hook onto the top of the door because it can eventually dig into the door frame of your room and wear away, causing a big dent which we don’t want.

I hope that this has helped you think of new ways you can add some hidden storage into your small bedroom without it looking overcrowded and messy. Having a small bedroom can be a little distressing at some points but adding just one of my suggestions can dramatically help improve how you use your space and not feel like you’re constantly tidying up.

Please let me know if this was at all helpful and feel free to tell me how it went in the comment section below. I’d love to here how you’re organization got on.

Until next time

Rach xo

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